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Owl Babies Inspired Art

The second day in our week of celebrating families in preschool, we focused on brothers and sisters. What do you think is the difference between and brother and sister? Looking the theme poster, the children pointed out the children they thought could be a brother and a sister. Each child told us about their brothers and sisters. I told the children about my brothers and sisters.  Our art activity was Owl Babies Inspired Art.Owl Babies Inspired Art Brothers & Sisters

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Brothers & Sisters topic & Me & My Family theme poster #MGTblogger

We listened to an animated version of the book Owl Babies on YouTube. What a great story for celebrating brothers and sisters! I have lots of books but I don’t have this one and haven’t ever read it. It’s so cute! We loved it. You can watch it here. I love how the baby owls share an experience together, waiting for their mommy. Aminals have siblings too!
Circle time with Mother Goose Time
The Owl Babies story is the inspiration for our art project.

Invitation to Create Owls

This is our second “Invitation to Create” with Mother Goose Time. See our first Invitation to Create Apple Trees here. I’d have to say, I’m loving this format for art. It’s very open-ended and versatile. It allows for MORE choices and creativity as the children work.
Owl Babies Inspired Art Invitation to Create
This is how I set up our Invitation to Create for everyone to work at the same time. Five children participated, ages 2-4 years old.
Owl Babies Inspired Art Invitation to Create
I suggested the bags could be used for the owl’s bodies and we cut or tore them.
Owl Babies Inspired Art
Painting and gluing.
Owl Babies Inspired Art
The four-year-old boy noticed the owls in the photo had yellow eyes so I asked if they wanted yellow paint. Yes, they did.  We used a metallic gold since owls eyes would shine or reflect in the dark.
Owl Babies Inspired Art
We talked about what owls eat. Did you hear in the story that the little owl was afraid his mama was eaten by a fox??
Owl Babies Inspired Art
More cotton balls were requested.Owl Babies Inspired Art

Owl Babies Inspired Art

I am just amazed by the beautiful art inspired by the Owl Babies story and owl photo. Each one is different and created their work through the process that interested them. I think it’s important to recognize that it’s true the art doesn’t look like owls. That’s okay. This is about the process and about creating unhindered. No one complained or was frustrated that their art didn’t look like owls. So adults, let’s not do that either! Let’s see the beauty in the creative effort that went into each work and see the elements of an owl that were inspired by a story and photo.
Invitation to Create Owl Art

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