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Discover the Desert Rocks

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Discover the Desert Rocks fossils & panning for gold #MGTblogger

In Week Three of Discover the Desert, we started learning about the Mojave Desert. Discover the Desert Rocks theme was a hit! We learned where the Mojave Desert is, in the southwestern United States From Wikipedia: “occupies a significant portion of southeastern California and smaller parts of central California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona.” It is home to the coyote, rattlesnake, desert tortoise, bats and bobcat. You could expect to see sand dunes and rock formations. It is hot in the summer but can also be cold and wet in the winter.

One of the child care parents brought in a large rock. What a great addition to our theme! It has some kind of pattern on the top, like a fossil.


First, we used a length yarn to wrap around the rock and measure it. It measured 18″. measuring rock Discover the Desert Rocks - measuring rocks

We talked more about fossils and looked at some of our pretend fossils. We use the Ancient Fossils TOOB by Safari Ltd. Then, to explore the texture, we tried some crayon rubbings on top of the rock. Fun!

Discover the Desert Rocks fossils coloring rock

Here we’re weighing the rock. It didn’t want to register very well on this scale, but we consistently got 10 lbs.
Discover the Desert Rocks - weighing rocks #MGTblogger

After some group work, the rock was left out for the week. It’s fun to use the scale!

Discover the Desert Rocks - scale #MGTblogger Weighing Rocks Discover the Desert #MGTblogger

Hundreds of years ago, people panned for gold in the Mojave. You can still find gold there today. Using mini tart pans, some rocks we found in the yard (some gravel was also included in the Mother Goose Time kit), we panned for “gold”. This mostly looked like washing rocks but you can add sand and gold rocks to the mix. We painted some of the large rocks gold after the panning since all the paint I have is washable…

Discover the Desert Rocks - panning for gold #MGTblogger

My group loved their special rocks and washing them in the pans.Discover the Desert Rocks - panning for gold #MGTblogger Discover the Desert Rocks - panning for gold #MGTblogger Discover the Desert Rocks - panning for gold #MGTblogger

Painting our “gold”.

Discover the Desert Rocks - panning for gold #MGTblogger Discover the Desert Rocks - panning for gold #MGTblogger Discover the Desert Rocks - panning for gold #MGTblogger

Fabulous chunks of gold!

gold painted rocks panning for gold #MGTblogger Discover the Desert

Also, I want to share with you a new freebie from Mother Goose Time. Visit this link to download “Build-A-Puzzle” Game. It’s a simple game that helps children practice perseverance.


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Wednesday 18th of May 2016

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