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Dragons Love Tacos Lunch

Lunch and a story – Dragons Love Tacos! Kids love tacos too! Each child made decisions about what they wanted in their taco, determined how much to put on, and used tongs or spoons to transfer the fillings. It’s fun to help prepare food and it encourages trying foods that may not be favorites. Then we read the book and ate lunch. So fun!


Lunch & A Story-Dragons Love Tacos

One way to encourage children to try foods and encourage healthy eating is by letting them help prepare the food. While I prepped all the ingredients, each child assembled their own taco. I kept it simple with fillings I know my group will eat:

  • Taco meat
  • shredded cheese
  • sliced olives
  • tomatoes
  • sour cream
  • flour tortillas

I had two kids make their tacos at a time so I could guide and keep the process clean.

Dragons Love Tacos Lunch

We always use flour tortillas because I’ve found it’s easier for little kids to hold and eat them.

Dragons Love Tacos Lunch  - Lunch and Story

Everyone was so engaged in making their tacos, it was hard to quit! I reminded them they could make another later if they wanted.

Even the toddlers joined in and were perfectly capable of making their tacos! (22 months & 17 months)

Dragons Love Tacos Lunch Taco Bar activity for preschoolers

Part of having a meal should be enjoyment. Not only is it fun to make it, it’s fun to eat and listen to the story. Meal time should be pleasant!

I love coordinating books with other activities! See our story and carrot cake lesson about fairness.

Making tacos in preschool

We also had to listen to It’s Raining Tacos on repeat for a while. Super fun! Just ask Alexa to “play Raining Tacos”.

More Dragons Love Tacos Ideas

There are so many other fun activities that you could do to coordinate with the book: