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Fall Nature Counting 1-5 Booklet

This fall, focus on numbers 1-5 with your preschoolers. Learn to write numbers, count, and write the word with this Fall Nature Counting 1-5 Booklet. This booklet features fall nature items, including apples, acorns, pumpkins, leaves, and mushrooms. Download and print in two sizes: half-size pages to make a booklet or full-size pages.

Fall Nature Counting 1-5 Booklet

Create a Fall Nature Counting Booklet Numbers 1-5

Needed Supplies:

  • Fall Counting 1-5 Booklet template – download below
  • Crayons or markers
  • A pencil

Activity Steps:

  1. Download and print pages.
  2. Staple together and make a booklet if desired.
  3. Encourage the child to write their name on the cover. If they are not yet writing their name, write it in a highlighter so they can trace their letters. Or, use small name labels. Print the child’s name on a sheet of labels and use on their projects. I like to do this so my writing is not on their work.
  4. Guide the child through drawing the large tracing number.
  5. Encourage the child to count and then color the fall objects on the coloring page.
  6. Dot the number dots on the right page or color the spots.
  7. Finally, encourage the child to trace the corresponding number word if developmentally appropriate.

My Fall Counting Book

Write your name and color the fall items. Count 1-5 and color or dot with a dot painter.

Number 1

Color the leaf and draw number one. Dot the #1 spot and write the word “one.”

Color the two acorns and draw the number two. Dot the #2 spots and write the word “two.”

Color the three pumpkins and draw the number three. Dot the #3 spots and write the word “three.”

Color the four mushrooms and draw the number four. Dot the #4 spots and write the word “four.”

Color the five apples and draw the number five. Dot the #5 spots and write the word “five.”

8.5 x 5.5 Half-Page Fall Counting Booklet

Print 2 per page

Full-Size 11 x 8.5 Fall Counting Booklet

11 x 8.5 full-size pages