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Halloween Coloring & Prewiting Pages

Are you ready to add a dash of Halloween fun to your preschool and toddler activities without the spooky scares? I’ve got just the treat for you and your little ones – free, adorable Halloween coloring and prewriting Pages. Use them to celebrate the Halloween season or as an activity during a fall open house or Halloween party.

These pages are designed with early learners in mind, featuring simple line drawings that are perfect for tiny hands to color, along with dotted words to trace. Take a preview of these not-so-scary printable pages that will bring smiles, creativity, and a touch of Halloween spirit to your classroom or home. See the download box at the end of the post to save and print these resources that are both educational and entertaining! 🎃

Sure, you can simply color these pages or you can get creative!

More Ways to Use the Halloween Coloring & Prewriting Pages

  • Color the picture and use it in a craft. Cut out the picture and add a colorful background. Add some Halloween stickers.
  • Let each child choose a Halloween design to color. Or make a Halloween coloring booklet for each child by stapling a piece of folded cardstock or construction paper to make a binding and staple it.
  • Have a light table or a light pad? Introduce your preschoolers to tracing! That’s super fun for schoolagers, too. If you don’t have a light table or light pad, just tape it to the window or patio door for a vertical work surface.
  • Paint with watercolors.
  • Collage with sequins, tissue paper, pom poms or glitter.
  • Add literacy and writing to the coloring page using the prompts listed below.

Spider Web

A spooky sticky spider web. Add a fingerprint spider and draw some legs!


Write a sentence about your favorite kind of candy. Preschoolers can dictate and the educator can write.

Moon & Bats

Draw a face on the moon.

Not-so-scary Mummy

Paint with puffy paint or collage with tissues.


Name your spiders. Color them all different colors.

Cute Witch

What spell can your witch make?

Halloween Cat with Witch Hat

Name your Halloween cat.

Cute Owl with Witch Hat

Draw a tree for your own to sit in.

Cute Vampire

What is your vampires favorite drink?

Haunted House

Would you go in the haunted house? What would you see?


Color or paint the jack-o-lantern.

Download the Halloween Coloring & Prewriting Pages

Cute, not-so-scary Halloween Coloring Pages with words to trace.