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Food & Fitness Get Kids Moving!

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In February, we learned all about Food & Fitness with Mother Goose Time.

Food & Fitness Get Kids Moving #MGTBlogger

In February, we learned all about Food & Fitness  and with Mother Goose Time.  We received some fabulous materials to use. They are also quality materials we can KEEP and CONTINUE to use! That’s what I really appreciate – the value in the materials that are provided. They are fun and simple to incorporate into our day.

We learned about balance. I thought this was a creative and fun activity for my group. Each child received a page like this of illustrations for movement using just their body and a length of ribbon. (I singed the edges of the ribbons before use so they wouldn’t fray.) Even my youngest ones, 2 & 3-year-olds, could figure out what to do. Each child can make the choice of which activity appeals to them and do them in the order they wish. They love taking home their materials too, to share with their siblings and show their parents what they can do. Not only is it exercise, this activity involves reading the pictures, following directions, using their attention spans and focusing on what they are doing.

ribbon balance activity #MGTblogger

Stretching is good for our bodies and super fun too! Loved this “Spin & Stretch” chart that made exercise fun. I laminated the spinner and put it on the wall so children can do these stretches whenever they like. My before/after school girl enjoyed leading the activity too when she got here!spin and stretch #MGTblogger

Another great display piece – count and exercise poster!Food & Fitness Get Kids Moving!

The Peaceful Poses poster and spinner was in the January kit for celebrating Martin Luther King day, but it’s also a wonderful display to encourage physical activity. I put this in our calm down area. Sometimes kids need to be still to calm. Others need to move and focus their energy in a peaceful, calm manner.

yoga for kids spinner yoga for kids poster

Taking our exercise outdoors – my group loves to walk on this garden wall. This uses concentration and balance. Here we were singing “Be A Balancing Bear” from the Food & Fitness CD. Balance

I’ll include these photos of the wonderful geoboards and colored bands included in the February kit. They are getting a lot of use and I love to see the creativity and teamwork that goes into the creations!

MGT Geoboards #MGTBlogger

More Food & Fitness coming up!

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