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Discover the Desert: Lasso

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Discover the Desert Lasso Shapes #MGTblogger

We started with cowboy boots, then cowboy hats and Day 3 of Discover the Desert: Lasso.

Lasso Daily Topic Poster

At circle time, we counted 13 knots on a rope. What a fun way to incorporate the sense of touch into counting! We noticed on the daily topic poster that the lasso has a knot.

Lasso Shapes

Using the shape cube and yarn, we identified shapes and made a shape with our yarn. This was fun! A great way to explore shapes.

l1 l2 l3 l4 l5

We learned this little song and used a length of yarn to twirl while we sang:

Cowboy Had Little Rope

Cowboy had a little rope,
Little rope, little rope.
Cowboy had a little rope,
Now twirl it way up high.

Below is a video clip of our song. It’s not the greatest since the faces needed to be blurred but it gives you the idea. It was actually super cute! Loved this!

Using a paper plate and yarn, we made a simple lasso prop. The kids were really excited about them!

Discover the Desert: Lasso


Cowboys sometimes use a lasso to help catch large animals like cows and horse.Discover the Desert: Lasso

What could you catch with a lasso? Discover the Desert: Lasso

Explore twirling and tossing the lasso.

Discover the Desert: Lasso

Using the horse counter manipulatives included in the Discover the Desert kit, we created a new desert sand sensory bin.

sand sensory

The book included in the kit this month is What Am I? featuring friendly and not so friendly faces of the desert.

Discover the Desert

What a great book! We learned about many creatures in the desert.
Discover the Desert  Discover the Desert Discover the Desert

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All About Cowboys

Tuesday 5th of April 2016

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