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Homemade Texture Stamps

Homemade Texture Stamps Collage

I’ve been eyeing this idea from Play Based Learning  on Pinterest for a while now & today we finally tried it!

We have nice wood blocks but they are new so I didn’t want to use them for this project, but I had these wood blocks in the garage waiting for something. Quite a while ago, I spotted a bunch of these at Home Depot. They are just scrap pieces and I asked to take them. I had other ideas for them at the time, but we just don’t need any more blocks. They worked very well for this project so I’m glad I saved them. They are quite big for the kids to hold but they managed just fine.

stamps 4

I hot glued various materials to the blocks for stamping: yarn, colored plastic loops, burlap, sticks, milk caps, craft sticks, buttons, chenille pipe cleaners, and pom poms. I had all of these materials on hand. {It’s amazing what I can find in my basement. It would even be more amazing if I could find what I’m looking for.}

Since I don’t have those fancy jumbo stamp pads, we used paper plates/paper towel/and liquid watercolor applied to the top as our “ink” source. Liquid watercolors worked great.

Of course I needed to try this out and make sure it was going to be successful so here’s my project:

texture stamps art

So much fun! Here’s some work in progress:

stamping 2


The yarn, sticks (black paint texture) and pom poms were especially rewarding texture prints.

stamping textures

The finished prints:

Texture Stamps Art Collages

I spotted the littlest one with a block turned over and feeling the metallic pipe cleaner. He had the right idea, this was all about texture!

PicMonkey Collage


Friday 28th of February 2014

Fyi...if they are too big for their hands you can screw a spool into them to use as a handle.

Skapligt Enkelt

Tuesday 13th of November 2012

Hi!Ran into your blog from Pinterest, and found it very inspiring. I'm a mom and a teacher from Sweding and I love beeing creative around kids. I mostly teach older kids, but I love the way you let the small kids do things their way making the result so much more personal than with exact stencils. I've got a blog with creative idéas too. it's in Swedish, but I think the pictures can tell you what it's all about. Otherwise google perhaps can help translating :)

I hope my english is understandable :)Regards from Sweden