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Homemade Texture Stamps

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Homemade Texture Stamps Collage

I’ve been eyeing this idea from Play Based Learning  on Pinterest for a while now & today we finally tried it!

We have nice wood blocks but they are new so I didn’t want to use them for this project, but I had these wood blocks in the garage waiting for something. Quite a while ago, I spotted a bunch of these at Home Depot. They are just scrap pieces and I asked to take them. I had other ideas for them at the time, but we just don’t need any more blocks. They worked very well for this project so I’m glad I saved them. They are quite big for the kids to hold but they managed just fine.

stamps 4

I hot glued various materials to the blocks for stamping: yarn, colored plastic loops, burlap, sticks, milk caps, craft sticks, buttons, chenille pipe cleaners, and pom poms. I had all of these materials on hand. {It’s amazing what I can find in my basement. It would even be more amazing if I could find what I’m looking for.}

Since I don’t have those fancy jumbo stamp pads, we used paper plates/paper towel/and liquid watercolor applied to the top as our “ink” source. Liquid watercolors worked great.

Of course I needed to try this out and make sure it was going to be successful so here’s my project:

texture stamps art

So much fun! Here’s some work in progress:

stamping 2


The yarn, sticks (black paint texture) and pom poms were especially rewarding texture prints.

stamping textures

The finished prints:

Texture Stamps Art Collages

I spotted the littlest one with a block turned over and feeling the metallic pipe cleaner. He had the right idea, this was all about texture!

PicMonkey Collage

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