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Kids Cash Play Money

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When I went to the NAFCC Institute I came home with one purchase. There were lots of fun toys to check out, but most of them were not cash and carry. When I came upon this booth, I was interested in learning more about Kids Cash Play Money.

Kids Cash Play Money AND More Ways to Learn About Money

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Kids Cash Play Money

Kids Cash is play money you can use to teach colors, shapes, and numbers. It’s made of durable AND washable plastic. In the past, I’ve laminated my play money to make it last longer. It works but I like that the Kids Cash set is multi-purpose. If you’re teaching Early Childhood, you are always looking for versatile quality items.Kids Cash Play Money
I am not an affiliate or making money off it in any way, just wanted to share a great resource! Find ordering information here:  http://www.sclfcca.comKids Cash Play Money
We use ours in our Learning Resources cash register. It fits perfectly. It also fits in the Lakeshore Learning register.
Kids Cash Play Money

Games to Play with Kids Cash

  • Sort by color
  • Sort by shape
  • Sort by number
  • Pick a card. Press the corresponding numbers on the register.
  • Free play/dramatic play in the register, with purses or the shopping area.
  • Draw a card. Write the number or shape.
  • Put cards in order by number.
  • Choose a card. Count out that number of manipulatives.
  • Choose a card. Find the matching card.
  • and whatever you can think of!

Kids Cash Play Money

My group really likes Kids Cash Play Money. It doesn’t look real but they know what it is. It represents money. They like the colors and quickly figured out which ones are $50 or $100!

Kids Cash Play Money

More Ways to Learn About Money

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