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Making Terrariums

I’ve been wanting to make a terrarium forever so this weekend we visited our local greenhouse and picked up some supplies. Here are the plants we chose. Obviously, the pansies were not for the terrarium. A couple plants ended up being too large for our containers but used them in the tabletop greenhouse {see below}. Sorry, I don’t know the names of all of these plants. Here are some ideas for making terrariums.

Making Terrariums

Making Terrariums plants

Brett made his for a 4H fair entry. His terrarium must be covered for fair display so he used this great old jar I found at Goodwill for $1.99.

Layers of a Terrarium

  • 1st layer: sand
  • 2nd: pebbles
  • 3rd: circle of garden weed guard fabric
  • 4th: sheet moss
  • 5th: soil
  • 6th: plants
  • 7th: sheet moss

I read that charcoal is required if your container is covered. We skipped the charcoal because I forgot to buy it and we don’t need to cover our jars except Brett’s, while it’s on display at the fair.

making terrariums

We had plenty of plants, actually too many, for our two jars. We carefully split them into multiple plants and shared them between the jars.p8Making Terrariums

I love this fern/moss!Making Terrariums

My terrarium in progress.Making TerrariumsMine completed – we added small clear marbles for decoration. Brett’s has a tiny watering can and mine has a miniature glass cloche.

Making Terrariums

Brett’s completed terrarium. He is going to use it for a 4H fair entry.Making Terrariums in a jar

There were many little plants left over that we couldn’t fit in the terrariums so we decided to put them in our little greenhouse. I found it a few years ago at Goodwill for $3.99! I haven’t used it much and it’s been sitting in the garage – such a shame but we don’t have much room to display it.

While at Goodwill on Saturday, I found the tray {1st picture below} and was planning to use it for magnetic activities for day care. We talked about the plants draining and water possibly leaking from the bottom of the greenhouse, and then I remembered this tray. It didn’t fit underneath the greenhouse, but it fit inside perfectly! I was so excited about that! We repotted our little plants and put them inside with moss around them to cover the tray. I put it on our living room table.

Greenhouse terrarium

Now hopefully we can keep them healthy and beautiful!


Sunday 28th of April 2013

great job! I've been wanting to do a terrarium too. Thanks for the instructions, going to try to pin this :)


Sunday 28th of April 2013

Cute and you make it look so easy!


Sunday 28th of April 2013

you know how much I LOVE this!!

Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up a super Sunday!


Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

I hope they stay for you too. They are so pretty. Cute little green house.