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Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day! I’m sharing a few ideas from our child care Earth Day celebrations. I love Earth Day, celebrating the beauty of our world and new growth that’s happening in the spring. It’s the perfect time to clean up the yard, and community you live in, plant flowers and enjoy the great outdoors. Make art for  Earth Day with the printable we enjoy using each year.

earth day tattoos

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Celebrate Earth Day

My mistake, I thought I posted this yesterday but must not have. Anyway, here’s what we did for Earth Day. I will post it now so it can be used for future reference.

We enjoyed a beautiful spring day! They’ve been few and far between here, with mostly cloudy, rainy days. Tattoos are always a hit! I can’t remember if these were from Target or Oriental Trading – I’ve had them a few years. I’m not a big fan of them, but I thought these were super cute. {I still have a tree on my hand! Winking smile}

We planted sunflower seeds. I love these smaller sized, soft looking Teddy Bear Sunflowers. I hope the kids each end up with a pretty flower!

Earth Day Plants

Teddy Bear Sunflower for happy earth day

photo from:

Teddy Bear Sunflower plants for happy earth day

Earth Day Handprints

Make Earth Day handprints with this template – instead of the tissue paper collage we’ve done in the past. Very sweet!

Download here >>>Earth Day Printable Temple

Happy Earth Day! handprint artHappy Earth Day! handprint printable

The template can be used in many ways – color, paint, make handprints, or cover it with tissue paper. What other ways can you think of?

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