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More Ocean Commotion Preschool Activities

We’ve wrapped up the Mother Goose Time Ocean Commotion theme and moved on to Growing Gardens, but I wanted to share a few more of our activities and projects.

Whale Blowing Art Made with a whale paper cut out, tissue paper, sticker eye, liquid watercolors, and a straw.

whale blowing art Whale blowing preschool art Daddy Seahorse Game

Who carried you before you were born? Who carries you now? Daddy seahorse carries the baby eggs before they hatch. Draw a number card and count out that many baby seahorse cards to put in the daddy’s pocket. Daddy Seahorse preschool counting game Daddy Seashorse and babies counting game for preschoolersTriangle shape manipulatives and mats – included in the Ocean Commotion kittangram triangle shape matsDolphin Drawings

We made dolphin drawings with directions from this book: I Can Draw Animals (Usborne Playtime Series) drawing a dolphinColored ocean scene pages (from Michael’s) ocean coloring pageWhat Am I? books – I Can Read! books included in the Mother Goose Time curriculum every month. Love them!What Am I? beginner reader booksSneaky Sharks: Making triangle-shaped shark fins!glitter shark fin craft glitter shark fin craft for preschoolersOur school of sharks! The Ocean Commotion CD includes instrumental songs. The Sneaky Shark is an excellent instrumental song for playing with the shark fins we made.Sneaky Shark song with shark props for preschoolersHatching Sea Turtles basic concepts gameWho is Hatching? Game for preschool basics ocean theme Ocean themed sea turtles matching gameHandprint crabs – we’ve made these before – see directions hereHandprint crab art 5 Cranky Crabs Flannel board Story – this activity was presented by my practicum student 5 cranky crabs flannel board storySubmarine window collages – these turned out so neat! (we did not use the cellophane provided to put over the window opening. Tip – hot glue heavier items onto the project last.)Submarine view collageBig Dive Stories

This is an excellent literacy activity for preschoolers. We want to focus on what they can do, not make them worry about what they can’t so I had them choose a photo card of the ocean animal “they saw when they went on an ocean dive”. Then I drew the picture and they colored it. A couple were able to draw their own picture. Then I wrote down what they said about that animal.

Read this one:

I want to dive down into the ocean and see a nice shark. He won’t bite me. He will kiss me! (A, almost 4 years) Big Dive StoriesOctopus Windsock – goes with #8 and letter Oo, two of our basic concepts for the month.octopus windsock art ocean letter OX-Ray Fish – very fun X-Ray fish for letter Xx! x-ray fish handprint artPaper Plate Rainbow Fish – a literacy & art lesson planned/presented by my practicum studentpaper plate rainbow fish craftCoral Reef – Sea Fan Coral Stencils – painting with stencils and a sponge resulted in beautiful sea fan coral!stenciling coral reef artCoral reefs are some of the mostly colorful ecosystems in the world. Corals grow in different shapes depending on the species. Some look like trees, brains, fans or even honeycombs.coral reef art Counting down to my vacation to the beach!April Mother Goose Time theme Ocean Commotion

As you can see, we enjoyed some wonderful learning experiences throughout the month of April with Mother Goose Time’s Ocean Commotion theme!

We’re never disappointed and it’s amazing to look back and see all that we’ve accomplished!


Monday 8th of November 2021

Such great activities!