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My Amazing Body: Body Parts

This September, we’re learning about our bodies – how each child is special and unique, from head to toe and how our bodies work. Here’s an overview of our first week of My Amazing Body: Body Parts.

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Learning About Us

We’re learning the letters of our names, how to write our names and that we all have different names.

There are many ways that we are the same. We have a head, arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes and more.

Letter B

Using our body parts, we can roll a ball. B is for ball. We are using our arms and our legs. We can see the ball with our eyes.

Self Portraits

Using a mirror we can look at our own reflections. We can see the color of our hair and our eyes. We can find our eyebrows.We looked at a self-portrait and drew one of ourselves.

We are alike and different in many ways. Drawing self-portraits isn’t easy though.

We made body tangrams.

We can use our brain to think, know and remember things.

Through noodle sensory play, we learned that our brains are soft and our skulls are hard. The skull protects the brain. Probably we learned more about the concept of “sticky” and developed some fine motor skills with this activity.

We read a book about how we feel. Sometimes we feel glad or mad or sad.

Button Patterns

We played with buttons to make patterns. We can identify and create patterns.

Using our arms we used a rope and basket to pull and lift.


We made people puppets with eyes, nose, mouth, and hair.

Everyone has different hair!

We felt our bones under our skin in our arms and made x-ray art.

We balanced buttons on our shoulders and feet and talked about things we like.


Reaching with our arms and playing with play dough (skin) and blocks (bones).

Tracing our hands with a brown crayon for letter B.

We did all this and more with our first week of the My Amazing Body: Body Parts theme!

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