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Newspaper Ideas for Preschoolers

Just a simple painting activity using newspaper.

Newspaper Ideas for Preschoolers

Painting on Newspaper

My preschool paints nearly every day. We love to use our big easel. So we go through a lot of paper and I want to have a variety of materials and ideas set out so the preschoolers are interested.

Today I put newspaper on the easel. It’s a nice large piece of paper but what I first noticed is they painted specific areas. One painted the photos first.

I love that we can recycle the paper and make art at the same time.

Newspaper Ideas for Preschoolers

Also try:

  • stamping letters or numbers
  • adding colored masking tape
  • adding stickers
  • Collage items – shapes, tissue paper, craft foam
  • texture roller painting
  • markers
  • looking for letters

So many ideas!

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Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

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