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Dot Art Name Paintings

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One of the first things my new group needs to work on is name recognition. Some of them recognize the first letter of their names or a couple letters in their names. Creating Dot Art Name Paintings is a great process for reviewing letters of their names.

Dot Art Name Paintings

Dot Art Name Paintings

To make the names, I used the AbcPrint font at 250-300 pt in Word on legal sized paper. This way, they were as big as possible for painting. I used all capital letters to make them easier to paint.

Dot Art Name Painting

I like how you can tell the differences in age/development of each child by their work. A couple of the older ones were very organized in their work, using a different color for each letter and neatly dotting each letter.

Some of the younger ones painted one color around each letter. The littlest ones painted all over the page. All look wonderful and they are one step closer to identifying the letters in their names!

Dot Art Name Painting

We use Handy Art Handy Spots (a local company for me) or Paint Dab Markers from You could also use empty bottles and fill them yourself with liquid watercolors or diluted tempera.


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