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Recycled Water Wall

Inspired by all the great backyard water wall projects out there, I’ve been saving recyclables and getting ideas for our water wall. When it came down to actually making it, I just started attaching containers with zip ties without much of a plan, but that’s just how I work sometimes. We’re very happy with how it turned out! Maybe it will inspire you to make your own backyard water wall for your kids to play in. Make a DIY Recycled Water Wall Activity Board for Kids Water Play for water sensory and science with recycled containers, toys, a pegboard, and zip ties.

DIY Recycled Water Wall Activity Board for Kids Water Play

DIY Recycled Water Wall Activity Board for Kids Water Play

Our DIY recycle water wall is shown in the image below. By looking at the photo, you can kind of see how it’s put together. As you put your containers on the pegboard, consider how the water will flow or drip down the containers and vary it to make it interesting.

Recycled Water Wall

We experimented with various locations to lean our water wall activity board. Below it is shown up against the side of the deck. Kids can stand either above it or down on the ground level.

Recycled Water Wall
I have a ton of play dishes that are in storage, meant to be rotated from time to time so I decided to use some of them in this project. Be creative and use what you have!

I like it leaned up next to the little climber so the kids can pour water down from above too. It gives a whole different perspective.

Recycled Water Wall

It might not be beautiful but it will be creative and earth-friendly by using containers that would otherwise be thrown out.

Be sure to have some buckets or containers to children to fill with water and dump through the water wall to keep children engaged. I’d recommend smaller containers than the buckets shown so the water supply lasts longer and the action can be repeated.

Kids love repetition and experimenting with various ways to pour the water down the water wall containers.

Recycled Water Wall
Couple of things I discovered when creating my DIY Water Wall:

  • Pegboard probably isn’t going to hold up to getting wet long-term. For this summer it will be fine. Not sure if it will last longer than that or not. Turns out, it holds up well! The pegboard dries out and holds up for the season or two. I had to screw a board to the back to keep the pegboard straight/stiff otherwise it curved in. It’s perfect now!
  • I should have kept some bottle caps! The kind that flips open with a spout, like the syrup bottle. The caps add another fun element because the bottle can be filled and then drained when the cap is opened. I’m almost done with some Ketchup so I’ll keep the cap to put on that bottle too.
  • It’s fun, fun, fun! Plan on your kids getting wet.

Recycled Water Wall

Recycled Water Wall

More Awesome Backyard DIY Water Walls

There’s lots of creative ideas out there for creating a backyard water wall. Check out the ideas I found below to see how you could make your water wall.

Awesome DIY Water Walls

Need more ideas how to make your backyard water wall? Try these cool projects with your kids this summer.

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It was very fun but very very wet! But I think I might still do this again. I think I would give this 4/5 stars.

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