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Painted Mini Pumpkins

Painting Mini Pumpkins in Preschool

Preschoolers love painting. They also love these “little pumpkins” (they’re really gourds).  Every fall I buy some for my kids to play with, either in pretend play, in the science center, for outdoor play and for crafts. Our grocery store carries them for 2/$1 so it also makes an inexpensive art activity, so each child can have a little pumpkin.

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We used acrylic paints to paint our Painted Mini Pumpkins. Acrylic paint dries permanently but it does stain, so I would recommend paint smocks/shirts. It does wash off hands and surfaces easily but not so well on clothing. I bought little bottles of various colors at the craft store for .66/ea. I gave each child a couple brushes and also a wet paper towel to wipe off their brushes if they didn’t want to mix colors.

Painting Mini PumpkinsPainting Mini Pumpkins in PreschoolMini Painted Pumpkins

Acrylic paint colors swirl together so nicely! They turned out beautiful! Most were dry the same day but some needed to sit over night. The kids were so proud of their little pumpkins!

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