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Rainforest Paper Plate Parrots

We’ve finished up our Rainforest Adventure theme for November, but I haven’t had much time to share all our wonderful activities yet! Time goes too quickly with the holidays mixed into our regular activities. We loved making the Rainforest Paper Plate Parrots so I wanted to be sure to share those with you.

Rainforest Paper Plate Parrots

I’m always amazed at what can be made with a simple paper plate! This time the paper plate included in the Mother Goose Time kit was small. That’s really more manageable for young children. Even painting a large paper plate is sometimes too much. The paper plate parrots turned out just as adorable on a smaller scale.

Colorful Rainforest Paper Plate Parrots

Along with making Rainforest Paper Plate Parrots, we enjoyed reading Chimidyue – a Folktale of the Amazon Rainforest.

Chimidyue: A Folktale of the Amazon Rainforest

Each day, young Chimidyue watches the boys run off with the men to fish and hunt. She wants adventure, too! In this story, adapted from a traditional folktale of the Ticuna tribe in South America, young Chimidyue explores the Amazon forest but soon gets lost. Join Chimidyue in her journey to overcome her fears. Along the way, she’ll discover butterflies, jaguars and more!

Chimidyue book - rainforest theme

The storytelling continued with coordinating magnets and the storytelling scene. I left this up all month long on our magnetic board and it was played with often.

Chimidyue book - rainforest theme storytelling set

These two are completing the Chimidyue puzzle. The boy is matching the butterfly magnet to the butterfly on the puzzle. The book, puzzle and magnet storytelling set all introduce a variety of creatures from the rainforest.

Rainforest Mother Goose Time puzzle

Rainforest Paper Plate Parrots


  • Small paper plates
  • Tempera paint
  • Black paper
  • Large wiggly eye
  • Rainbow tissue fringed garland
  • Glue
Rainforest paper plate parrots


  1. Paint paper plate as desired.
  2. Cut the paper plate in half.
  3. Glue together paper plate pieces as shown to make a parrot.
  4. Cut and glue a black beak on the head of the parrot.
  5. Attach wiggly eye.
  6. Cut tissue paper fringe to size and glue on.
  7. Draw a wing if desired.
Rainforest paper plate parrots

My group chose between purple and pink paint, but parrots could be any color.  Letting children choose their color of paint is one way to encourage children to make their own choices.

Rainforest paper plate parrots

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