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What’s In the Box: Explore the Rainforest

Our November Experience Curriculum box came! After my little helpers carried in the box, we opened it up to see What’s In the Box: Explore the Rainforest. I couldn’t take pictures while we went through the box and it was a bit chaotic anyway, so I went through the box and took pictures of everything.

What's In the Box: Rainforest Adventure #MGTblogger

I always find it helpful to go through my box and open up all the lesson bags. I see what’s included and what needs to be laminated and cut. I put everything into my 20 drawer cart and it’s ready to go for the month! If you do this, you can pull out the letter cards, storybook, puzzle, magnets and whatever else you like to make available in your environment right away.

What’s In the Box: Explore the Rainforest

In the Explore the Rainforest theme children will play and learn in a rainforest filled with chattering monkeys and jumping frogs. They will make a parrot puppet and teach it to sing. They will dance with Blue Morpho Butterflies, and learn about food that grows under the green canopy. Watch letters and numbers come to life in this eco-friendly theme that gets your children engaged in learning.

Teacher’s Tool Bag

What's in the box Rainforest preschool theme

Core Concepts

Theme Web

  • Week One: Forest Floor Layer
  • Week Two: Understory Layer
  • Week Three: Canopy Layer
  • Week Four: Emergent Layer

Lesson 1: Jaguars

Lesson 2: Roots

Lesson 3: Lily Pads

Lesson 4: Mushrooms

Lesson 5: Leafcutter Ants

Lesson 6: Monkeys

Lesson 7: Orchids

Lesson 8: Geckos

Lesson 9: Chocolate

Lesson 10: Praying Mantises

Lesson 11: Sloth

Lesson 12: Snake

Lesson 13: Dart Frog

Lesson 14: Coconuts

Lesson 15:

Lesson 16: Blue Morpho

Lesson 17: Kapok Trees

Lesson 18: Hummingbirds

Lesson 19: Mangos

Lesson 20: Strangler Fig Trees

Next Month: Ice Castle

It’s time to order Ice Castle winter preschool theme now!

November promises to be another great month of learning with Experience Curriculum!

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning