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Preschool Activity Trays

This post contains Discount Supply affiliate links.

My group has really enjoyed the new activity trays I created. I love this cart from Discount School Supply that can be used in so many ways.

Mobile Art Rack

Discount School Supply Mobile Art Rack 

I bought the cart for additional activities that I can’t leave out because of our mixed age group. They are mostly used during free time and kids choose their activity tray and put it back when they are done.

This one is for counting. The bunny/egg picks are from The Dollar Tree. (They are for cupcakes & come with cupcake liners).
This piece of foam came with a basket I bought there so I made this for counting out the picks. It held up long enough for us but I also bought more foam pieces to use if needed.

Preschool Activity Trays - numbers, fine motor skills, countingThis one just is just decorative sand (found at the thrift store – originally for decorating) for spooning into the ice cube tray. I love this mini tray I found at the thrift store. It’s great for activities like this. I later added a funnel for clean up.
Preschool Activity Trays - scooping & transferring
Paint tray (colored with Sharpies) for transferring “pokey balls” with tongs.
Preschool Activity TraysHammering tees – this one should have had thicker foam for pounding in the nails but they still liked this tray.
Preschool Activity TraysSpring flower arranging.  Least popular tray but then again, I have all boys currently. Smile
Preschool Activity Trays
This tray is very popular. Prism Easter eggs and flower shapes from The Dollar Tree. Matching and just fine motor fun.
Preschool Activity TraysThis activity proved challenging. It’s not easy for little hands to pump water! They loved to try though.
Preschool Activity TraysSame story here – the little sprayer isn’t easy for small hands but great to work on. Towel for drying.
Preschool Activity TraysCounting/color matching
Preschool Activity TraysPouring water
Preschool Activity Trays - Pouring WaterLetter Mazes – put in sheet protectors & use dry erase marker
Preschool Activity Trays - Letter Mazes
Dry erase board/marker for drawing shapesPreschool Activity Trays - Dry Erase Shape Drawing
Number stamping trayPreschool Activity Trays - Number StampingSorting by sizePreschool Activity Trays - size sorting
Number/shape mats with foam shapes (from Mother Goose Time March 2013 curriculum)
Preschool Activity Trays - number & shape math sets
Green & yellow pom poms and tongs in the mini ice tray
Preschool Activity Trays - one to one correspondence, fine motor skills, transferring
I’ll be sharing more of our activity trays in the future!Stacy

Caroline Johnson

Sunday 2nd of August 2015

Where can I find those trays?


Sunday 2nd of August 2015

The trays come with the mobile art cart that is shown at the top of the post, from Discount School Supply.

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Friday 12th of December 2014

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Monday 23rd of June 2014

I love the ideas, thanks!! Now I have to get scouting for these items!!

Sunita Chaudhari

Friday 27th of September 2013

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Sunday 24th of March 2013

Awesome! (Love the cart! :-) Ours gets a LOT of use and abuse and it's holding up well!) I'm going to share this post. Thanks!