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President’s Day Abe Lincoln Handprint

Making a handprint craft is simple way to mark President’s Day.

President's Day Abe Lincoln Handprint

President’s Day Abe Lincoln Handprint

To make President’s Day Abe Lincoln Handprint:

  1. Mix a skin color with white paint, a small amount of brown and/or orange.
  2. Paint fingers with black paint, omitting the thumb, to create Abe’s beard.
  3. Paint a swath of black across top of palm for hair.
  4. Cut a tall black hat out of construction paper and glue on.
  5. After face dries, draw in details.

The printable introduces a few facts about the 16th President:

President’s Day
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States.
He lived in a log cabin.
He was President during the Civil War.
His face is on the penny and the $5.00 bill.


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