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Shop Walgreens for Pet Meds for Your Sick Pet #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias

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Anyone who knows us, knows our pets! We love our Ragdolls, Stormy and Winty. They are totally our babies and like many families, our pets are an important part of our family.  Our cats fill a place, they give us someone more to love and are a comfort as well as entertainment in our household. It’s good for our son, an only child, to learn to care for someone else’s needs. Likely if you have pets, you’ve had the experience of a sick pet and needing to buy medications for pets. Along with #CollectiveBias and #WalgreensRx, I’d like to share with you the benefits of refilling your pet prescriptions at Walgreens. sickstormy #WalgreensRx First we brought home Stormy. He quickly became the love of our lives with his fun quirks and personality. For whatever reason, he hasn’t seemed to be the healthiest of cats since we got him. As a kitten he would often have respiratory infections or “kitty colds” and he sure seemed miserable!  He’s had his share of medications and meds #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias Unfortunately at a young age, we nearly lost him. One night he woke me up and was miserable. He was trying to go potty just anywhere and it was clear he couldn’t. I was afraid to wait until morning but did – probably shouldn’t have, but he made it through until morning when I could take him to the vet. He had a urinary blockage which is common enough in male cats. He stayed at the vet for most of a week where they unblocked him twice and cared for him. Then he came home and it wasn’t long when he had another episode requiring surgery. Then he had a urethrostomy, which is a surgical procedure that creates a permanent opening in the urethra, to remove obstructions to urine flow. He had some expensive vet stays! We feel it was worth it because he was able to recover and have quality of life.

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Did you know that doctors and veterinarians commonly prescribe the same medications for people and animals?  Walgreens pharmacists can actually fill human-analogous pet prescriptions at over 8,000 locations nationwide.

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We know pet expenses can really add up. Did you know the cost of pet prescription may be less at  Walgreens than your veterinarians office, even though it’s the same medication?

This is because the markups are higher and there’s usually a dispensing fee. If your pet takes medication with regular refills, you could save substantial money at Walgreens. balance rewards #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias Pets who take regular prescription medication can have an online pharmacy account at Walgreens, making refills easy, convenient and quick. Sign up to be a Balance Rewards member if you aren’t already. Plus take advantage of the handy Walgreens app, to make refilling pet medications a snap on the go. Use the Family Prescription Management tools to help you manage the whole family’s, including your pets, prescriptions more conveniently. stormy desk devices #WalgreensRx #shop #cbias It’s super easy to add your pet onto your Walgreens online pharmacy account and manage their prescription as though it were your own. Sign up for refill reminders too, so if your pet has refills remaining on their medication, you’ll never have to remember again! [xyz-ihs snippet=”follow”] [xyz-ihs snippet=”Stacy”]

Owen's Mom

Sunday 4th of May 2014

What pretty kitties! I have dealt with a male cat have urinary track problems. It is no fun and can be very expensive. Glad you were ale to figure out what he needed. #client