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Printable Sign Language Poster

I was looking for a new alphabet and number sign language poster. Our previous one was scribbled on by the writing table. That happens with little children in the room… The poster was larger than my laminator so it wasn’t protected. Otherwise, I laminate everything so it last longer!
Printable Sign Language Poster

Yesterday I realized I had a sign language font that came with the Fonts 4 Teachers set I downloaded a while ago so I made my own Printable Sign Language Poster.  I love this set of fonts!  It’s even better with a sign language font included.  My preschoolers will sit here and make their letters. We also practice them during circle time occasionally.  Through the Mother Goose Time curriculum, we learn at least two new signs a month. This poster is one element in my room that promotes diversity.

Printable Sign Language Poster

Use the printable sign language poster as a wall display, a guide during circle time or include it in your centers for exploration by the children during free time.

Download the American Sign Language Alphabet & Number Poster

Printable Sign Language Poster


Saturday 14th of September 2019

The sign for T is also the international sign for "toilet" or "restroom," Happens with all languages.


Wednesday 20th of April 2011

Would you believe that the rudest hand gesture native to this part is the exact same thing as the letter T in American sign language? This is something we discovered the instant we started learning sign language here and comparing their alphabet with ours. People gasp, color up and then rasp out- Just don't... don't do THAT one. ;)