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Snowflake Puppets

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Make Snowflake Puppets with the free printable snowflakes. Includes song and fingerplay. Great for indoor movement on a snowy day or a preschool weather theme for winter.

When we have snow like this:


It was a good day for this…


but since I had a group of preschoolers, our music and movement for the day focused on snowflakes:

The snowflake dance and a song with snowflake puppets I made. We also did a snowflake finger play.

Snowflake Puppets

To make the snowflake puppets:

  • Download snowflake page, cut, and laminate.
  • Attach either with hot glue and packing tape to large craft sticks.
  • Decorate with yarn or ribbon which encourages movement.

Snowflake Puppets

Snowflake Puppets

Download Snowflake Pages Song & Finger Play


Snowflake Dance


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