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Superhero Fun

We just started our Superhero theme! The first week is all about superhero dress-up. We started with a superhero symbol. Why might a superhero wear a mask, glasses, belt or cape? What is a symbol? What could be your symbol? Superhero fun starts now!

Shape Symbols

What designs do you see on a superhero’s costume? We took turns adding the shape pieces to the puzzle board until the design was revealed and we could read it.

shape puzzle

Another fun way to use the shape puzzle is to clip a paper clip to each shape. Then the children “catch” a shape from the basket, names the various shapes and adds it to the puzzle board.magnetic wand and paper clips

Everyone had fun playing with the magnetic wands that were included in our kit this month. The magnetic attraction is like a super power!

magnetic wand and paper clips

Experimenting and repetition was the name of the game. Sometimes I forget how simple activities are so engaging. magnetic clips

It’s been a while since we’ve used the magnetic wands and likely it was the first time for the younger ones so we spent quite a bit of time with the wands and paperclips.paper clips and magnets

How many clips can the magnet pick up at one time?magnets

Superhero Shields

Why might a superhero need a shield? Using the first letter of their names, each child made their own shield with their “symbols”.  I printed their letters using the KBSticktoIt font. They colored their letters, cut them out and glued them on the shields.

letter symbols

Then came the fun part – adding glitter!


I won’t lie – it was messy! But that is part of the learning process.

letter A with glitter

It’s so good for each of them to have a try at sprinkling the glitter and seeing where it sticks and where it doesn’t. Then getting the glitter back into the container to sprinkle more on.

sprinkling glitter

This colored glitter is so shiny and colorful! It’s perfect for our superhero symbols!colorful glitter

They look amazing on display on our wall. They are proud of their “symbols”.superhero letter shields

We have lots of letter “A” names right now! We have a two more who need to make their shields yet.

Letter shield

Super Blocks

Our Investigation Station was easy to set up: blocks, paper, and crayons.

super blocks investigation station

We arranged the blocks on the paper in a design or symbol, then traced around them to reveal the design.

super blocks activityEveryone was very interested in this activity! Love the concentration.tracing blocksSuccess!block tracingExploring shapes

exploring shapestracing blocksWe made capes and masks too – more superhero fun coming up!

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Florence Christian

Thursday 29th of March 2018

Great superhero fun. Awosame creation I will wait for next more superhero fun