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Mosquitoes…Camping Fun?

Part of camping fun involves mosquitoes…it’s unavoidable. The good news is we all have swatters – two of them! We don’t always have swatters so when we are outside so we can use our hands to swat at bugs. But it’s really fun to use a swatter!

Swatting Bugs

Our Mother Goose Time camping activity for “mosquito day” was to make a swatter using a craft stick and a fly swatter cutout.


Hitting bugs (or anything in sight) is fun!

swatting letter bugs

We used the Busy Bug Splat – Alphabet and Letter Recognition Game from Little Lifelong Learners to look for letter bugs to swat. My group does quite well with the letters in their names but it’s still fun and good practice.

swatting letter bugs
swatting letter bugs

It’s also fun to see how fast they can find letters when I call them out.

These bugs are a lot more fun than swatting at mosquitoes while camping!

swatting letter bugs

This little guy has a short name and he knows his letters but we still had fun searching for them.

Here’s a video of him finding the letters in his name:

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