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These Hands Handprint Father’s Day Printable

Parents love handprint keepsakes so here’s one especially for dads to commemorate Father’s Day. We know how little hands hold their daddy’s heart! Somehow those little hands grow so quickly and it’s special to have these keepsakes to look back on and remember how small they once were. Use the These Hands Handprint Father’s Day Printable to make a quick gift just in time for Father’s Day.

These Hands Hold My Daddy's Heart Father's day Printable Handprint Art

These Hands Handprint Father’s Day Printable

Simply print on cardstock, add handprints with tempera or acrylic and add the child’s name and date if desired.

I like to use acrylic paint because it makes a cleaner print. Tempera tends to make the child’s hand slide and smear on the paper more. Acrylic paint also dries faster. I always let the child choose the color of paint they desire to use.

>>>Download the printable These Hands Hold My Daddy’s Heart Father’s Day here.

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