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Painting Ladybug Spots

We’re working on an amazing Bugs & Crawly Things theme this month with Experience Curriculum. The first week of activities focused on Backyard Bugs, including ladybugs, spiders, grasshoppers, ants, and bees. Painting ladybug spots was a fun way to learn about ladybugs!

Ladybugs are a type of beetle. They are also known as lady beetles or ladybird beetles. Some ladybugs have no spots and others have up to 20 spots. There are about 5,00 different species of ladybugs in the world. In many cultures, ladybugs are considered symbols of good luck.

Backyard Bugs Teacher Guide | Bugs & Crawly Things | Experience Curriculum
Painting Ladybug Spots activity table for preschoolers | STEAM Station from Experience Preschool Bugs & Crawly Things theme

Painting Ladybug Spots

We enjoyed this science and nature STEAM Station exploring ladybug spots.

painting ladybug spots activity table for preschoolers

I found a variety of circular items, such as bottle caps that I have been collecting. You can also use containers, lids or cups.

tray with bottle covers and plates of paint

I put these caps with paint on a tray for the children to explore along with some books and ladybug toys. First we talked about what we saw – bugs with red bodies and black spots.

painting ladybug spots and circles with bottle caps

It’s a simple, self explanatory activity that lends itself to exploration and experimentation.

I like make rich, engaging activity table with books to look at, an activity to do and toys that can be handled. It draws children’s attention and makes them want to participate.

red and white ladybug spots painting with bottle caps

Including letters and words like “spots” allows children to focus on relevant literacy, in a way for them to handle letters and play with them.

child painting with bottle caps

It’s fun to have each one take a turn and see how different each child approaches their work. Which painting item will they start with? What color of paint do they choose or prefer? What if they get paint on their hands? How long does the child work? Do they experiment with placement or plan their work?

painting ladybug spots art activity

I don’t like to interrupt but you can ask questions before, during or after they work at the center.

Questions to ask

  • What has spots?
  • Where do you see spots in the room or outside?
  • How can you make a big spot? how can you make small spot?
  • Can you look for other tools or times in the room that might create a circle or a spot shape?

Ladybug Push Pin Art

This is an activity separate from Experience Preschool, but it was fun to include as it’s theme related. We need new ways to introduce letters from time to time to keep learning fresh and engaging.

They did quite well with this, being safe and using the pin appropriately. Attention spans are quite short for 3 and 4 year olds yet, but they were intrigued!

Counting Spots

This sweet game is a simple counting game. Spin the flower spinner and place that many black chips on the bug.

Ladybug Counting Game from Experience Preschool Bugs & Crawly Things theme

The game doesn’t always get played as intended. Sometimes it’s a lot of spinning of the spinner so we talk about which number the arrow landed on. Other times it’s no spinning, just placing chips on the spots. That’s okay too!

I usually demonstrate the game for a round of turns and then let them do as they will on their turns. It’s learning either way!

children playing ladybug counting game - painting ladybug spots activities

Name Dots

I wrote names on the name tags and using a bingo bottle, they took turns making spots on their letters. Again, attention spans can be short, so each child’s looks a little different or may not be complete. We can still review the letters.

painting letters with a bingo painter

Ladybug Headband

These ladybug headbands are adorable! It’s always fun to see them play while wearing their headbands. Make & Plays from Experience Preschool are just as they sound. We make something and then play with it.

Black stickers make the spots and give an opportunity for little fingers to work on fine motor skills.

girl with ladybug headband working on ladybug art

I’m sure we could have spent a week on all the fun ideas out there for ladybugs, but we’re moving on to other Backyard Bugs.

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Friday 12th of February 2021

Where can I get the ladybug Spin & Dot game? So cute!


Sunday 14th of February 2021

It is exclusively available through Experience Preschool curriculum. It was included in the Bugs & Crawly Things kit.