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We Can Be Superheroes

It’s already August and summer is slipping away. Admittedly, we are taking it easy as we finish up summer. We’ve been enjoying time outside, warm breezes, and sunshiny weather. In between, we’ve made time for some of our Superhero activities from Mother Goose Time.

We Can Be Superheroes Paper Plate Peace Symbols #MGTbloggerAugust calendar and theme poster for circle time

We Can Be Superheroes

Week 4 is all about Everyday Superheros. Day 18 is “Peacekeepers”. There is some controversy about our military being depicted as “peacekeepers” however, I believe peacekeeping is part of their role. It’s also developmentally appropriate to help children understand that military personnel are not “the bad guys”. Yes, the truth isn’t always pretty but we know the military does more than keep peace. We can also teach children that superheroes in the military are brave and strong. They do hard work and are true superheroes!

daily topic poster peacekeepers

We are Peacemakers

How can we be everyday superheroes? By being peacemakers! This is the list we came up with – We can make peace by:

We are Peacemakers poster

I like that list! Sometimes we do need to agree with others. Not punching is really good way to be a peacemaker! The girls were enthralled with my Sharpies so I let them use them to color in the title “We Are Peacemakers”. Even during this process, they figured out how to be peacemakers. coloring with markers

They counted the letters and determined how many they could each color. They had to make room for one another because they were coloring close together. Then, they also had to share the markers which isn’t easy when there’s only one purple.

We Can Be Superheroes

Paper Plate Peace Symbol

The Invitation to Create is so simple and basic, yet such a fun learning experience! It’s amazing what can be created with a lowly paper plate. Love this colorful photo to inspire painting the peace symbol!

invitation to create inspiration poster

All you need to do is make the peace symbol with masking tape on the flat part of the plate. My two 5-year-olds who no longer nap created their paper plate peace symbols during nap time. They chose the colors they wanted to use and started to paint.

painting paper plate peace symbol

I explained that we would be taking the tape off after they painted so they didn’t need to paint the tape but they could paint the edge of the plate.

painting peace symbol

At this age I find the girls like to copy each other. They like their work to look the same. painting paper plates peace symbol preschool art

I encouraged them to do make choices about their own work because everyone is different and that’s fun!

We Can Be Superheroes

The colorful result!

paper plate peace symbols

Stickers are always a hit! A “I am a Peacemaker” sticker for each child makes learning about peacemaking personal and gives the parents an opportunity to ask about what their child has learned. The children are excited to wear and show their stickers.

So we can be superheroes. It’s not always about flying, dressing up or being invisible. Being a superhero is about being kind, sharing, and being a peacemaker.

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning