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What’s in the Box? Winter Wonderland

Doesn’t it seem like November has just flown by? I can’t believe we’re headed towards Thanksgiving and the December holidays. My December Mother Goose Time theme box arrived yesterday so I let’s take a look at What’s in the Box? Winter Wonderland.

What's in the Box? Winter Wonderland Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

I always love the winter themes! There are so many fun topics that go along with the cold weather, winter, and the artic.

In the Winter Wonderland theme your children will pretend to sled with the penguins, run with the caribou and build an igloo. They will help rescue a baby polar bear from an iceberg and imagine skiing down a mountain. Experiment with melting ice and explore the arctic in this sparkling, snowy theme.

Winter Wonderland

Teacher Tool Bag

Winter Wonderland Theme Web

Basic Concepts Shape & Color

See what’s new this month? The Basic Concepts color paintbrushes are back.

Teacher Guides

Love these teacher guides- one for each week.

  • Week One: Ice & Snow
  • Week Two: Alpine Tundra
  • Week Three: Tundra Animals
  • Week Four: Life in the Arctic

Santa’s Workshop Celebration Kit

This is a fun kit for the holidays!

Calendar, Family Newsletter & Week One: Ice & Snow My Creative Mind Daily Notes


Awesome snowflake manipulatives!


I’m loving the letter coloring pages and looking forward to putting out the wood cubes! I’m also excited about the name snowman project!


Ohh, icicles! Lots of ways these materials can be used.


Freezing & Melting

So many great ideas for freezing and melting activities. Drip art is one of my favorite process art projects.

Mountain Hiking

Week 2: Alpine Tundra My Creative Mind Daily Notes

Spruce Trees

Tree Line

I think I’m going to like the tree line art!




Week 3: Tundra Animals My Creative Mind Daily Notes

Polar Bears


Snow Leopards

Arctic Foxes

Arctic Gear

Week 3: Life in the Arctic My Creative Mind Daily Notes

North Pole

Arctic Shelters

Arctic Transportation

Painting Tool for Snow Tracks Art (see above)


Week 4: Life in the Arctic My Creative Mind Daily Notes

Next Month (Jan 2018) Dinosaur Dig!

Theme Related Materials