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Yarn Wrapped Block Prints

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Today we made yarn wrapped block prints with a length of yarn wrapped around a block, ends taped down, and dipped in a small amount of paint. ybprints_thumb[1]

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Yarn Wrapped Block Prints


  • Blocks
  • Yarn
  • Tape
  • Paint


  1. Tape end of yarn to the block.
  2. Wrap block.
  3. Tape down end.
  4. Dip in paint.
  5. Make prints!

Yarn Wrapped Block Prints

I recommend having several blocks, one to go with each color of paint you will be using for this project. Children can choose one color to start with and then trade. That way everyone gets to use a variety of colors but they are not getting mixed or needing 4 blocks for one color, etc.

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