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Zebra Stripes Art

Did you know zebras have their own unique stripe pattern? It’s true! Zebras can even recognize their friends by looking at their stripes. Along with making Striped Letters, and working with Wild Patterns, we made Zebra Stripes Art.

Zebra Stripes Art Going On Safari Preschool Theme #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschool #ece #safaritheme

Zebra Stripes Art

Is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Our zebras were black and we added white stripes.

I set up our Invitation to Create a little differently this time, just for fun.

The zebra cut out shapes and chalk were included in this activity but I added a few more supplies so they had options.

Along with chalk I added tempera paint sticks and black and white tape. The scissors are for snipping pieces of tape.

Each child took a turn working on their project. It felt like a good change, to have one child working at the art center at a time. It drew their interest to see others working on their project. I also felt they were more engaged and worked longer than they might have if they worked all at the same time.

First this zebra was painted all white. Then all black.

The zebra is getting it’s stripes!

Working on a combination of techniques.

The Inspiration Photo of the Zebra was front and center and referred to often.

Zebras are so interesting!

Our completed zebras!

Our zebras on display.

Black & White Tape Collages

While one child worked at the zebra Invitation to Create table, the others worked on black and white tape collages. We always have colored masking tape available, but for this project we used just black and white. Half of the paper is white and half is black. Then they made tape collages putting tape on the opposite colored side (or not!)

Stripes Book

We read a simple book today about patterns. Stripes by Gina Lorena Maldonado.

Striped Letters

We used the Letter Cards and Zebra Letter Parts to make some striped letters. Very nice! Always working on our letter recognition.

Animal Patterns

Our pattern this month is ABCD. We talked about the animal patterns and who they belonged to before creating patterns.

Animal patterns are so fun!

Zebra Stripes Art Going On Safari Preschool Theme #MGTblogger #MotherGooseTime #preschool #ece #safaritheme

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