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3D Woodland Animals Coloring and Craft Pages

As the leaves begin to turn and a crisp breeze fills the air, we think about the woods and the creatures that live there. Animals will soon start hibernating. Use these 3D woodland animals coloring and craft pages to introduce woodland animals and explore their habitats among the trees and leaves. These printables can be used in various ways. Color, and cut or use the Autumn Woodland Tree “I see a __” printable coloring page scenes to make your own animal drawings. Leaf patterns are available to use with the 3D art pages or come up with your own activities. Expand past coloring – collage, paint, make dioramas, bulletin board displays, puppets and more!

Preview of the Autumn Woodland Animals Printable Craft Pages

Take a look at the materials you can print and color or paint to make woodland animals and explore their habitats by creating colored or collaged art.

Autumn Woodland Tree “I see a ______” printable coloring page scenes.

Use these pages to create 3D autumn woodland animal scenes or make your own drawings with the page prompts.

3D Woodland Animals Coloring Craft Pages - tree art pages
leaf art template pages

Leaf Art Template Pages

Choose the type of leaves you want to use on your woodland animal collage. Choose from six different types of leaves or mix and match! Color or paint them with watercolors. Then cut them out and glue them on a page or make a leaf garland.

Squirrel Craft Template

This running squirrel has a fluffy tail and pointy ears. Color, cut, and glue the pieces together to add to the 3D art project or your own creation.

squirrel craft template
owl craft template

Owl Craft Template

This handsome owl is perfect for your autumn owl project for preschoolers. Color, cut and glue. Add it to a tree scene printable or make your own bulletin board display of quiet owls.

Fox Craft Template

This sleepy fox is ready to hibernate. No woodland theme is complete without a fox.

fox craft template
3D Woodland Animals Coloring Craft Pages - hedgehog craft template

Hedgehog Craft Template

This cute hedgehog pattern can be used in many ways – make a fall card, color and cut it out, and add to a construction paper background—collage with leaves around the hedgehog.

Rabbit Craft Template

This rabbit craft pattern can be used year round, even for Easter! Cut and color crafts develop a child’s fine motor and attention and persistence skills.

3D Woodland Animals Coloring Craft Pages - rabbit craft template
3D Woodland Animals Coloring Craft Pages - bear craft template

Bear Craft Template

Bear is hungry for honey! The bear craft template is perfect for a woodland or hibernating animals theme.

Bird Craft Template

Make a bird with this bird craft template. Each bird can be colored or painted a different color, making them unique whether you’re learning about birds in the spring or fall.


Create autumn art featuring woodland animals including an owl, fox,
rabbit, squirrel, bear, hedgehog and bird.