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911 Safety & Fire Lesson Activity Pages for Preschoolers

Phones are everywhere, and we need to teach preschoolers how to call 911 if they find themselves in an emergency. Understanding that help comes if there’s a fire and not to hide but be brave and call for help! Preschoolers will feel a sense of safety and pride in responsibility when they learn it’s simple to call for help when they need it. Of course, we need to teach preschoolers when it’s appropriate to call 911 and what to expect when they call. Young children often learn about fire safety and about calling 911 during Fire Prevention Week at the beginning of the school year. This post features helpful ideas for interactive lesson plans along with 911 Safety & Fire lesson activity pages for preschoolers.

911 Safety & Fire Lesson Activity Pages for Preschoolers

Fire Safety Preschool Theme

Preschoolers often learn about Fire Safety during the month of October. Fire safety is a crucial topic to introduce to preschoolers. Not only does it teach them essential life skills, but it can also be a fun and engaging theme for young learners. In this blog post, we’ve gathered some of the most popular fire safety activities for preschoolers. These activities are not only informative but also great for sparking young imaginations.

Fire Safety Activities for Preschool

  • Invite community helpers into your program to share information and teach preschoolers. Invite families into your program if they are firefighters, doctors or nurses, or police officers or ask if they have relationships or contacts who would be interested in coming in.
  • This is a great idea from Educatall to role play calling 911: Whenever a child wishes to ask a question, have him dial 911 and quickly say, “I have a question!” Respond, “911, how may I help you?” 
  • Sing the 9-1-1 Song
  • Watch the Kiboomers 911 Help is on the Way video and song
  • Talk about when NOT to call 911. Such as when there isn’t an emergency, for animals, as a game or joke or to practice.
  • Print large numbers and tape them together in a large poster format. During circle time, encourage children to take turns pressing the numbers 911.
  • Play Fire Safety Matching Card game
  • Find more printable activity pages in the Fire Safety Printable Pack

Dramatic Play

  • Provide old cell phones for practicing and role-playing. 
  • Put out more than one doctor kit so more than one child can play doctor or nurse at a time.
  • Use orange and red scarves as pretend “fire” around the room. Use a piece of hose to pretend to put out the fire.
  • Print and put up flame images on fences and play equipment outdoors. Offer spray bottles to children to pray the flames and “put out the fire.”
  • Make a cardboard fire truck.

Creative Art

  • Fire Fork Painting: try painting with a fork using red and orange paint (acrylic works best) on black paper
  • Make puffy paint with red and orange paint, glue and shaving cream to paint flames
  • Create a Fire Safety Booklet
  • Paint F is for Fire

Fire Safety Books for Preschoolers

Here are some favorite fire safety books for preschoolers:                  

911 Printable Activity Pages

911 coloring page

911 Coloring Page

Trace, color, collage or paint the 911 page.

Get out and call 911 Page

This page features a house on fire with a phone to practice pressing the buttons

Get out and call 911 page
when do you call 911?

When do you call 911?

If there’s a fire, you’re hurt or scared and if you don’t know what to do, call the number 911 for help. Trace the 911 and press the numbers on the phone.

911 Activity Page for Preschoolers

Features the numbers 911, a house on fire, an ambulance, police car and a phone.

911 activity page for preschoolers


Four 911 Safety & Fire Lesson Activity Pages for Preschoolers