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4th of July Sparkle Bottles

Happy 4th of July! Today’s the day and I have several fun activities for the 4th to share today. First, my group was very excited about making these 4th of July Sparkle Bottles yesterday. If you’re looking for 4th of July sensory bottles, try this one with your kiddos – they love to make and play with them!

This activity is creative yet educational. Our purpose in making them is mostly to have FUN since that’s the goal of childhood, and explore the colors of the 4th.

You can also consider textures and fine motor skill development. Science is apparent too once you add water. Ask questions as you assist, like “What is your favorite color?” “How does that feel?” “Do you think that will sink or float?” to build on these concepts.

4th of July sparkle bottles

4th of July Sparkle Bottles


Cut all the supplies in pieces. Arranging all the materials in a divided tray makes them easily accessible by multiple children at one time and it makes for an appealing invitation to explore.

4th of July Sparkle Bottles fillers

Each child chose the materials for their bottles. I said they should start with one or two of each and then they could take more once everyone had some. Usually each child sits and we work with individual supplies at each place, on a tray to keep everything together.

Sometimes it’s good to have them work with all the same supplies and try to have them consider one another and work on a little self-control. Is it okay for one child to take all the buttons? How does everyone else feel about that? What about the straws, should he take all the red?

How will your bottle look with a lot of items or just a few? Do you think you will like it if it’s full of only pipecleaners? Things for them to consider when working in a group.

4th of July Sparkle Bottles fillers

Filling sparkle bottles also incorporates using fine motor skills. Most of the items supplies were easy to pick up and drop in the bottles, but the foam shapes needed to be folded and the curling ribbon was challenging.

I wasn’t sure if the buttons would fit in all the bottles (they did) but I figured they could do some trial and error.

4th of July sparkle Bottles Filling
4th of July sparkle bottles filling

The process went quick as they were excited to select their items and drop them in the bottles. Perfect for a quick summer activity for toddlers and preschoolers with short attention spans!

4th of July sparkle bottles

After they were done putting in as many pieces as they wanted, I assisted with filling the bottles with water and adding the glitter. This time we tried the holographic glitter from CraftProjectIdeas. Wonderful! The sparkle is amazing.

4th of July sparkle bottles

After filling the bottles, I tightened the caps as tight as I could and taped them with colored Duck Tape. You may also want to hot glue them shut.

Before I wrapped the tape around the caps, I put on the glittered star decorations around the neck of the bottle. Just adds something a little extra! When I gave the 2 year old his bottle back after filling it, he looked at it and whispered “fish!” So cute!

4th of July sparkle bottles

Happy 4th of July!

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di Livingston

Thursday 4th of July 2019

If you are taking the time to make them why not make sure the items will last. Such as I would suggest you do not sure pipe cleaners they will rust. Other wise I assume the rest is fine. Very nice and creative. Trust me adults can use them too to lower their stress level.

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