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4th of July Spin Art

Create a colorful craft for 4th of July – red, white and sparkly spin art!

4TH of July Spin Art4th of July Spin Art Craft

I can’t believe it’s almost the 4th of July! It’s one of my favorite times of the year but it seems like we don’t do as many crafts for this holiday.  This one is quick and easy, great for summer and all ages.

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4th of July Spin Art Craft steps

Create 4th of July Spin Art


4th of July Spin Art in a salad spinner


  1. Place paper plate or cardstock in salad spinner.
  2. Drop paint onto the plate. Experiment with the amount of paint, the colors used, combinations and patterns. You may want to thin the paint and drop the paint onto the plate with droppers/pipettes.
  3. Put the top on the salad spinner, and now, the fun part- spin!
  4. Open and check results. Add more paint if desired.
  5. Remove paper from the spinner and allow to dry. Hang on the wall, in a window, from a mobile.

4th of July Spin Art on a paper plate

4th of July Spin Art glitter paint

Happy 4th!


Paper Plate Spin Art |

Wednesday 21st of January 2015

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Sandy Adams

Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

Very pretty! I just have to get a salad spinner. :)

Minding Monkeys

Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

Ooh, this is so neat! Will have to try this before the 4th!