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Animal Wash Soapy Sensory Play

One of the simplest sensory activities is so fun! Make an animal wash soapy sensory play activity to take outdoors. Washing plastic animals – serves several purposes – cool summer play, cleaning toys and soapy water sensory experience. Take those toys outside! Animal Wash - Soapy Sensory

It’s simple – you just need bins of clean water with a little soap, sponges or washcloths for washing, cups for rinsing, and trays for drying the animals.Animal Wash Soapy Sensory Play

Animal Wash Soapy Sensory Play

Plan on hours of washing, rinsing, and setting animals out to dry, just to repeat the process again! Animal Wash Soapy Sensory Play

You could certainly switch out the animals for play dishes, pieces of fabric (to squeeze, hang on a clothesline or wash surfaces with) or baby dolls or other misc toys (think ANYTHING that needs to be washed!) The large plastic animals are perfect though, they can’t really be ruined unless you leave them out in the sun too long or they get carried off through the yard and not put away. << Yes, these kinds of things happen here too…playing with animal figurines in waterpreschool water play


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