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All Kinds of Weather

Our first week of Weather & Changing Seasons was about all kinds of weather. Learning about different types of weather allows children to look outside of themselves and investigate the world around them with their peers.

All Kinds of Weather


Sunny Shapes: This tabletop math activity uses linking shapes and a shape design mat. Mother Goose Time sends the best manipulatives with their curriculum. They can be used for matching, creating patterns, and games like this one.

All Kinds of Weather sunny shapes

After rolling the Pocket Cube the child finds the matching colored link. The game continues until all the shapes on the mat are filled. If the child rolls a cloud, he doesn’t take a link.

All Kinds of Weather sunny shapes

Sun and Moon: Our creative art for the day was a Sun and Moon Make & Play project. One side of the paper plate is a sun and the back is black with glitter craters for the moon. When we see the moon, we can’t see the sun. It’s a great learning project!

All Kinds of Weather Sun & Moon


Fan Experiment: Wind is air that can move things. We can’t see it but we can feel it.  The fan experiment allows children to explore technology.  We used scarves to play with the wind.

All Kinds of Weather wind

It’s fun to feel the wind from the fan and hold up scarves and watch them blow when we let them go!

Wind Art: We used “wind” or air blown through straws to blow sequins on paint mixed with glue.

All Kinds of Weather wind art

We played outside with rainbow ribbons in the wind too.

All Kinds of Weather wind Ordering Kites: our small group math activity: sorting counting bears by size – small, medium and large. The medium and large bears are quite similar in size so it was a little tricky. Some of the toddlers matched the colors of the bears to the colors on the kites, which worked too.

All Kinds of Weather ordering kites


Heavy Clouds: We learned about clouds through a STEAM station. I love how simple this experiment is. Fill a cup with water, spray shaving cream on top and then use a pipette to drop colored water onto the “cloud”. The colored water drips down like rain. The kids loved that they could do it on their own.

All Kinds of Weather - Cloud Experiment

Counting Clouds: rolling the Pocket Cube and counting out cotton balls to put on the sky scene.

All Kinds of Weather - Counting clouds

Cloudy Art: Using pipettes, white and blue paint, we made cloud art.

All Kinds of Weather - Cloudy Art


Ice Cube Coloring: we used frozen watercolor paints to paint our letter Cc page. C is for cat, cloud, cube, and cold.

All Kinds of Weather - Ice painting

All Kinds of Weather - Ice painting

Writing letter C in My Little Journals:All Kinds of Weather - letter C journals

Snow Dough: cornstarch, baking soda, oil, and water. It wasn’t a super successful recipe but it was a pleasant texture and kids always love messy!

All Kinds of Weather - snow dough

Coffee Filter Snowflakes: painted with pipettes and thinned paint.

All Kinds of Weather - painted snowflakes


Rainbow Bears: sorting bears by color or rolling the Pocket Cube and finding the same color bear and putting it on the rainbow mat.

All Kinds of Weather - Rainbow Bears

Rainbow Bracelet Beading: beading on pipe cleaners.

All Kinds of Weather - Rainbow Bracelets

Rainbow Sculptures: sculptures made with paper strips and paper plates

All Kinds of Weather - Rainbow SculpturesRainbow CDs: I hung CDs on our mobile over the light table to make a rainbow light center. Our Spacesaver light table is from Lakeshore Learning.

All Kinds of Weather - Rainbow Light Center

A video shows it better:

This was a great STEAM station for the kids to explore light, colors, and rainbows with flashlights and colored toys on the light table.

What a great week learning about all kinds of weather!


Tuesday 17th of October 2017

Love it! So many ideas!