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Animal Sounds in the Rainforest


Animal Sounds in the Rainforest


Here’s some of our fun learning from this week with Experience Curriculum. Click here to see what’s included with a monthly learning kit. Again, some of these activities are directly from the theme kit. Others are modified for our individual use. Others are my ideas alone.

Sloth Yawn

Dancing with the sloth puppet  to Slow, Silly Sloth

Animal Sounds in the Rainforest

I Can Read! book that’s included every month. As a group we look through them, focusing on finding the page, looking at the pictures, identifying letters we know and introducing the idea of letters creating words.

I Can Read Book #MGTblogger

Pink Dolphin Gurgle

pink play dough

Each month we send a postcard home to create a connection between home and school, as well as children with their families. Opps, these post cards are actually the ones for September. This month we colored a picture of our favorite rainforest animals, glued it on and wrote “We are learning about the Rainforest! My favorite animal is _____.”

Rainforest Adventure Mother Goose Time postcardsJaguar Growl

Incorporating letter recognition with some process art. We also did letter Jj Jolly Jingle for some phonics work.

J is for Jaguar Rainforest Adventure Mother Goose Time

Going outside to jump & jog!

Letter J Jump & Jog Preschool Activities

Working on the rainforest puzzle

Rainforest Adventure Mother Goose Time puzzle

Parrot Squawk

I have a parrot puppet that I used at circle time to introduce the parrot and squawking like a parrot. Kids love puppets! They made their own parrot puppet:

Rainforest Adventure Mother Goose Time parrot puppet

Monkey Chatter

Love these large colorful letter set cards! The best part is the real photographs used. I believe it really expands a child’s world to see real images instead of always drawings. Again we reviewed these together and did the Jolly Jingle for letter Mm. A red mushroom was new to many of them. We only see white ones in the grocery store.

letter Mm Rainforest Adventure Mother Goose Time

5 Little Monkeys Rhyme poster

5 Little Monkeys rhyme poster Mother Goose Time

I keep our 5 Little Monkeys Puppet set on the table by the Rhyme Time poster so the kids can tell their own story. I made these with wood shapes from Michael’s. I hot glued them to large craft sticks. Instant puppets!

5 little monkey puppets

5 Little Monkeys Puppets Painting monkey masks!

monkey mask Rainforest Adventure Mother Goose Timemonkey masks Rainforest Adventure Mother Goose Time

I bought these Wee Wooden Mushrooms/Toadstools from the Mosey shop on Etsy. I’ve had them for a while but remembered them and they worked well for letter Mm and a mushroom hunt! I hid them around the room and challenged the group to find them. They really are “wee” so they were hard to find even out in the open. It was a new game for my young group. They loved it but it was hard for them. I hid 6 and taught them the “hot/cold” clues. There is a learning curve here, teaching little ones about it being a game, it’s okay if you didn’t find one this time and you can’t find one if you’re not looking, just laying down crying! 😉

mushroom hunt game

Very fun game!mushroom hunt game

Jumping in and out of a hexagon created with masking tape on the floor.

jump line

jumping into a preschool shape activity

Rainforest we made with wood floor blocks, plants, and rainforest animals. Also a blue scarf for a river.

block play rainforest theme

Stamping Hexagons with (affiliate link to Amazon) Giant Shape Stamps hexagon shape stamps

Sensory and Fine Motor Play: Wood beads and baskets

Beads and Baskets Sensory & Fine Motor Play


Another wonderful week of learning with Mother Goose Time!

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning

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