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Layers of the Rainforest Preschool Activities

Learning about the rainforest is so much fun in preschool! I like how Experience Preschool themes really get into the details, as like this one when we learned all about the layers of the rainforest. Read on to see all our great layers of the rainforest preschool activities.

Layers of the Rainforest Preschool Activities

Below is my lesson plan for week one. Following it are highlights from our first week of the Rainforest Adventure kit from Experience Preschool.

Lesson plan week 1

 Day 1: Rainforest

I Spy Rainforest

Materials provided: Theme poster and Looking Glasses

We discussed what animals and plants we might see in a rainforest. Using the Looking Glasses, we looked at the poster to match up the animal. We talked about color, sounds, characteristics and counted how many are on the poster.
Layers of the Rainforest with Mother Goose Time

theme poster

Rainforest Collage

Materials provided: Rainforest Animal Cards and Mosaic paper tiles, green background paper, tissue paper

Each child cut their animal cards apart and glued them on the paper. They also glued on tissue paper leaves and strips of green paper. I helped with the cutting and tearing of those because my group is young and there was quite a bit of gluing to do. They focused on the cutting and gluing for this project.

Mother Goose Time Rainforest Theme Collages

Green Rainforest

Materials provided: Color Bird: green

Introduced color green. Checked to see who was wearing green, who’s favorite color is green, looked for green items in the room. Why is the rainforest so green?

Shades of Green

Painted shades of green at the easel. This is an activity I planned in addition to the Mother Goose Time curriculum. It is a center or free time activity. I put out a variety of paints including: green, blue, yellow, white and green liquid watercolor for the kids to experiment with and create shades of green paintings.

shades of green paint
shades of green
shades of green 2
shades of green

 Day 2: Forest Floor

 Introducing Hexagon shape

Materials provided:  Hexagon shape

Attached to “clothesline” display. Then we played a game. I cut a leaf shape from construction paper. I put a math shape (from last month’s kit) under the leaf and put it on one of our shape mats. Then we recited the opening rhyme:

Way Down Low

Way down low on the forest floor,

There are many bugs to explore.

When I looked under a leaf so green,

I saw a hexagon bug

That made me scream!

Each child took a turn looking under the leaf and naming the shape. This activity was a hit!

Rainforest floor bug activity

Wet & Dry

I scooped some dirt from a flower pot out by the garden. It was slightly damp. I asked, “What do you think the rainforest floor feels like?” (they may need prompting – “wet or dry?” or “Remember, it rains a lot.” They took turns feeling the dirt with their fingers. I introduced the word “moist” and explained what it meant.

wet & dry science

Wet & Dry Chalk Art

Materials provided: Dark green paper and colored chalk.

First, they drew and colored on the paper with dry chalk. Most of them quickly broke their piece of chalk. I said, “Now you can share a piece with a friend” and they traded colors so they each had two colors.
paper and chalk

Then we tried dipping the chalk into water and drawing. One child spilled their water. I said, “That’s ok, just spread it around.” That led to most dumping their water out on their paper so good thing I just gave them a small amount! I loved this simple lesson exploring wet and dry as well as process art.

wet and dry chalk art
wet and dry chalk art

 Day 3: Understory

My Little Journals

Materials provided: My Little Journals

Stamped rainforest images on the cover of the journals with a stamp set that was included in the November toy bin.

My Little Journal
My Little Journal - rainforest adventure Mother Goose Time

Grateful Friendship Feather

Materials provided: Friendship feather, paper bracelets

We talked about the Friendship Feather “Grateful”. We talked about things/people we are grateful or thankful for. Each child went home with a paper bracelet that says “I am grateful”. They always like these simple bracelets. This little thing gives parents something to ask their child about.

3 Butterflies

In our writing center, I put out this coloring page that focuses on #3. I created it, you can download it here.  Usually, we only have plain paper available in the writing/art center so they really enjoy these sheets on occasion. I use them for a specific focus, not just coloring, as I agree with encouraging mostly open-ended materials and activities.

3 butterflies printable

Forest Layers

Materials provided: Recipe Card

We made Rainforest Layers Parfaits to explore the concept of layers. This was an awesome activity! If you want to see a child engaged, let them make some food. Be sure to use clear cups so you can see the layers.

Rainforest Layers Parfait #MGT
Rainforest Layers Parfait #MGT

Day 4: Canopy

M is for Monkey

Materials provided: Letter Mm Letter Set – the 3 posters below plus a flower shape with letter Mm on it. We looked at these and said “Mmm-mushroom” and Mmm-monkey” and thought of other words that start with the Mmm sound.
We use (Amazon Affiliate link) Jolly Jingles phonics so we also sang the letter Mm Jingle.

letter Mm Mother Goose Time

Rhyme Time Poster

Materials provided: Rhyme Time Poster, Counting Monkeys

We talked about things that scare us. The 5 Little Monkeys are not scared! Look for letter Mm, Count 5 monkeys out, and place on the table. Read the first verse of the rhyme and the child takes away monkey. Count together the number of monkeys left. Continue with rhyme. I like how this activity incorporates literacy & math!

5 Little Monkeys Mother Goose Time

Bugs on a Vine

Materials provided:  Bug stickers, paper leaves, tissue paper, paper twist.

We made vines with the paper and leaves, adding bug stickers to the leaves. This goes wonderfully with the Bugs of the Rainforest song on the CD (also provided in the kit). It’s my favorite song this month! The chorus is the part I like:

One at a time (bum bum bum)

A bug crawls up the vine (bum bum bum)

One at a time (bum bum bum)

A bug slides down the vine.

Our vines look wonderful in the entry way!

bugs on a vine Mother Goose Time

We also danced to the Slow, Silly Sloth song, holding our new sloth puppet.

Day 5: Emergent Layer

Danger in the Rainforest

Materials provided: Chimidyue (chim-ID-yoo-a) Storybook. This beautifully illustrated and colorful book is a story from the Takuna tribe of South America. The Takuna live in the upper Amazon River area. They have a rich tradition of storytelling. The tale of Chimidyue is unique because it features a female as the main character. (partially taken from the back of the book)

Chimidyue book Mother Goose Time

Nest So High

Materials provided: Hexagon shape

Discussed why a bird would want to build their nest high in a tree. We took this art project outside! The kids gathered nature items from around the yard and glued them to their hexagon to make nests. They turned out beautiful.

Hexagon nature nest Mother Goose Time
Hexagon nature nest Mother Goose Time
Hexagon nature nest Mother Goose Time

Also included for Day 5 was a Chasing Butterflies Folder Game and pieces. We didn’t get to it yet, but we will this week so I can share it another time.

As you can see our days are full! We are richly experiencing many aspects of the rainforest right here in Wisconsin! The children are engaged in hands-on learning and excited about our daily activities with Experience Preschool Curriculum. We did all these things and MORE. I will continue to share our Rainforest Adventure experiences – this was just week one!

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I received curriculum from Experience Early Learning for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. As a user of Experience Preschool for many years, I am pleased to share quality educational experiences. #sponsored #ExperienceEarlyLearning

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