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Assessments & Portfolios

You’ll see from the next several posts that I’ve been busy with some projects and just haven’t gotten to blogging, even though I’ve been wanting to for a while now!

One of them is sending out assessments for my day care group. Yes, I know, I have a small group (I fill them out for 6 currently) but it’s still a lot of work! This is my 2nd year doing this and I don’t have a perfected method yet so it takes longer. My goal next year is to have them done in October as November gets so busy for myself and my families.

In case you’re wondering, assessments and portfolios is a requirement for the higher star ratings with YoungStar. Although I don’t think I’ll be doing the extra requirements for the 4 or 5 star rating after all, I enjoy doing this part and the parents love it so I’ll probably continue.

Soon the Ages & Stages questionnaires/support might be available to family child care providers in our area through a local agency but until then… So far, all the feedback I’ve received from the my YS technical assistant has been raving & she gave me the go ahead to continue like this.
So my system so far: folder for each child:

filePortfolio inside (large construction paper folded in half to make a folder)
Label on front. I love labels!  Winking smile
Letter to parents I sent home in an envelope with their child’s assessment and some portfolio items: The letter says these skills are not meant to be mastered, but is one way of measuring/checking development. It’s also another form of communication between day care and home. I also offer conferences at this time. My first one was tonight & it went sooo well!  Very rewarding!
This is the format of assessments I send out which I put together myself in Word. I follow the checklists here: Preschool Learning Center
page 1page 2page 3page 4
I also use a preschool skills checklist & will check these skills 2 more times before June. I’m not 100% loving this form or any other I’ve found, so I’ll probably make my own. Although I do like the ones on Pre-Kinders best.


The portfolios include items like this:
Drawing circles
Cutting examplecut
Special page (this went home). I made these pictures into a book.
My Little Journals
Drawing/writing examples
Name / Self Portrait pages (that my group is really young for!)
Pictures documenting patterning
Picture pages – several pictures of each child from Sept/Oct/Nov. I will do a page a month.

Cutting/gluing examplesun
Free time art projects

I do need to start including anecdotal records which I haven’t been so good about. So getting these out earlier this month was stressing me out! I did have such nice feedback from parents though, so it’s worthwhile. One parent (last year) told me “No one else does what you do” referring to my daycare/preschool/assessments, etc.  And she should know, she was looking (and is no longer here!) And that’s just fine.

Miss Timaree

Wednesday 23rd of November 2011

Thanks for all your pointers :)