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Attribute Blocks in Preschool

This month, the manipulatives provided in the Mother Goose Time Bees & Butterflies kit are attribute blocks. Ours are yellow and black to go with the theme. Attribute blocks allow children to get hands on early math experience and think logically. They are a versatile manipulative that can be used for sorting, patterning, comparing and counting. They can be analyzed and compared for similarities and differences. See how you can use Attribute Blocks in Preschool.

Attribute Block Preschool Activities #MGTblogger

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Attribute Blocks in Preschool

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What are attribute blocks?

Looking at attribute blocks, we can see that they are a variety of shapes. They are also different sizes, colors, and thickness. They have four different features: shape, color, size and thickness.

Attribute Blocks in Preschool

How to Use Them

The best way to learn about shapes and their different attributes, of course, is through play!

With Play Dough

Pressing and making shapes.

shapes playdough

I like how this little guy used his shape to cut the dough.

shapes playdough

In The Water Table

Then we put them in the water table. Sometimes our water tables are quite a mixture of odds and ends. There needs to be interesting items with various textures so I put in sponges, pokey balls and the attribute shapes. Containers are also needed to fill, scoop and pour. It’s always good to put in some kind of tool to use besides just their hands so there are tweezers in there too.
shapes water shapes water


Tracing the attribute blocks is a great way to explore the various shapes. It requires the child to use both hands, concentrate and try, try again. My 3 & 4-year-olds did a great job with this.

tracing attribute blocks

We talked about the different thicknesses of the shapes – which was easier to trace?tracing attribute blocks

Here, a 4-year-old used shapes to draw a house! Excellent! It’s amazing to see what results from simple materials.tracing attribute blocks

Look at both hands at work, doing two different tasks – she’s demonstrating bilateral coordination.

tracing attribute blocks

Shape Mats

Simple matching and design making with shape mats.

shape mats shape mats


Sorting by shape.

Attribute Blocks in Preschool sorting by shape

Sorting by color.

Attribute Blocks in Preschool sorting by color

Sorting by thickness.

Attribute Blocks in Preschool sorting by thickness


So many ways to pattern!

Attribute Blocks in Preschool patterns


Experimenting with different sizes, shapes and combinations to see which weighs more or less.

Attribute Blocks in Preschool scale Attribute Blocks in Preschool weighing

While playing, using descriptive words like thick, thin, same and different, helps children develop their vocabulary as well as use logic and critical thinking.

So many ways to play and learn with attribute blocks!
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