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Preschoolers Can Vote

While preschoolers might be too young to vote, it’s not that they are clueless! A couple came into today talking about voting. This is excellent because it shows me parents are talking to their children, which is so important. They are learning about the world around them and who is in it. Preschoolers can vote – preschool voting activities teach them about the voting process, that they each have an opinion and the vote stands.


We voted on what lunch we would have.  We could have pretended to vote for president, but lunch is much more meaningful to them! The choice of what we’ll have for lunch affects them in a real way.

Vote Today Sign

I made this printable sign for our booth. I attached it with star washi tape.

vote today sign preschool voting activities

Voting Booth

Our simple voting booth was made with foam board and includes:

The Preschool Vote preschool voting activities

We voted for lunch. The two options to choose from:

  1. Chicken Stir Fry, rice, mixed berries, milk or
  2. Scrambled eggs, toast, cucumbers, applesauce, and milk

You can edit the ballot in Word with your lunch menus. I recommend adding clipart so pre-readers can clearly read and understand their choice.

I used these two fonts: (click to go to the download page)

kbsticktoit misskindgartenlaughing

voting preschool voting activities

I explained the voting process and what the choices for lunch were. My group is ages 2-5 and they were all very interested.

preschool voting activities

Our first voter! I encouraged privacy because voting is special and I wanted the results to be a surprise. It’s another way we can learn to take turns and respect our friends.

voting booth preschool voting activities

Reading the ballot.

preschool voting activities finger reading

The best part – the sticker!preschool voting activities I voted sticker

Folding the ballot and inserting it into the official box was a big part of the process, not to be overlooked!

preschool voting activities casting vote

In the end, the vote was 4-3 for scrambled eggs. No worries, we had the chicken stir fry the next day. Everyone wins!

Create your own voting booth with free printable sign, ballots, and stickers! [et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_4″]


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