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Candy Cane Letters

There’s so much fun and excitement around the holiday months at preschool it’s easy to forget to incorporate the alphabet. It’s important to continue letter work and what better way than creating candy cane letters? This post includes a free alphabet printable template.

Candy Cane Letters - Share & Remember - free printable alphabet letters

Candy Cane Letters Alphabet Work

Preschoolers can choose the letter of their name or use your focus letters for the month to create candy cane letters.

For this simple activity, you just need a few supplies and the prep work is quick and easy.

Supplies Needed

Find the supplies you need to create candy cane letters with your preschoolers locally or with the Amazon links below.

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Letter A candy cane project

Preschoolers practice alphabet letters and AB patterns during the holidays with this simple letter activity.

Letter B candy cane project

My group enjoys using glitter glue so it worked well to use with this project to give our letters and icy wintery look.

Letter C candy cane project

There you go! A fun and festive way to work on letter identification during the holidays!

Candy Cane Books for Preschoolers

Are you creating a candy cane theme for your preschool program? Here are a few suggested books that coordinate with the theme.

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Print the alphabet letters to paint and collage.

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