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Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play

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Our dinosaur egg sensory play bin dinosaur eggs and kinetic sand for preschoolers makes a very engaging dinosaur themed sensory experience. They explored eggs and fossils by pressing the dinosaurs into the sand.

Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play - eggs, baby dinosaurs & kinetic sand!

 Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play


This week in our sensory bin we have Dinosaur Eggs with Baby Dinosaurs and Kinetic sand. The dinosaur eggs came with our January Dinosaur Dig theme box from Experience Early Learning, formerly Mother Goose Time. They are a great combination with the Kinetic Sand. The eggs can be opened and the baby dinosaurs “hatch” out.

We learned that dinosaurs hatch out of eggs!

Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play

The kids liked to pack half of the eggs with sand and press the dinosaur into it. We found that if you pack both sides with sand and then open the egg, it molds a sand dinosaur egg. The dinosaurs can be pressed into the sand to make indentations or fossils.

Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play

The eggs themselves have a textured exterior which can be used to make patterns in the sand. So fun! This is a great activity to go with our dinosaur theme that we’ll use again and again.

Have you played with Kinetic Sand? It’s amazing! Quite addictive for adults too.

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