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Footprint Snowman Art

These snowmen footprints are keepsake worthy, frameable and will melt anyone’s heart!

Footprint Snowman Art - Share & Remember

Footprint Snowman Art


  • white paint
  • colored paper
  • black hat shape
  • brown stick arms
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Washi Tape for scarves


  1. Paint child’s foot with white paint. I find painting the foot with a brush is more effective than dipping the foot into a plate of paint, as the paint is more evenly distributed.
  2. Help the child press foot onto the paper, being careful not to smear the print.
  3. Allow the footprint to dry.
  4. Glue on arms and hat.
  5. Make dots for eyes and buttons.
  6. Use orange Sharpie to make a triangle shape carrot.
  7. Add Washi tape for scarf.


Footprint Snowman ArtFootprint Snowman Art Footprint Snowman ArtFootprint Snowman ArtFootprint Snowman Art Footprint Snowman Art

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