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Handprint Calendar

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Our handprint calendars are nearly done! I just need to finish assembling them and one child needs to finish Aug-Dec prints. This isn’t a new idea, I’m sure most of you have seen it, it’s from Little Giraffes.

I’ve thought about doing this project with my group in the past but it’s always seemed rather overwhelming. It actually wasn’t too bad! I have tips to share but first, here’s the pages of a completed calendar.

I admit, I’m kinda picky. I wanted more color and cute clipart so I redesigned the calendar. I’m happy to share my version.

Handprint Calendar Tips:

Staples Matte Photo paper (8.5 X 11″ cardstock) worked wonderfully for this project. It prints beautifully and the paint doesn’t make the paper curl.











After printing a set of pages, label them with the child’s name on the back.  No matter how organized you are, it’s too easy to mix them up and all the handprints look the same!











I do all of one child’s pages at a time. Often I have a different group of kids each day and you never know if someone will be sick or a schedule will change. So in order to get as many done at a time as possible, I set up like this:


  1. A little paint of each color.
  2. Paint brush for each color.
  3. Paper towel.
  4. Wet paper towels.

I find the kids really like to do handprints! To keep it interesting, I talk to them. I tell them “Now we’re going to make a leprechaun. This is going to be his hat.” (Paint top of hand and thumb.) “And this is his funny orange beard!” (Paint fingers orange.) “Let’s give him a face.” (Paint skin tone on palm.)

I work fast and then wipe their hands and move on to the next. For some reason my kids all kept asking to use the color brown! So they were excited to make the turkey. All the pretty colors and they want to do to brown. Sigh.
Winking smileI decided the quickest and least expensive way to bind the calendar is to punch two holes and use book rings to hold it all together. Book rings are so plain so I had to add some fun ribbon and yarn.


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