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Handprint Calendar Template Printable

UPDATE: The 2024 calendar template has been posted at the bottom of this post.

Note: Please understand that this calendar is NOT editable.  I also cannot accommodate every request for various pages, languages and changes. However, it is free. I will consider your requests on the next go around! Thanks for understanding.

I love this project and I’m so glad so many of you do as well.  It’s such a fun gift for parents to receive from their little ones.

About the 2024 Handprint Calendar Template Printable

Calendar template for creating a child’s handprint calendar. Each a month features a poem and a coordinating handprint. Print pages on cardstock for best results. Can be printed in color or black and white. Help the child create handprints on pages by painting design on the child’s hand with washable tempera. After the paint dries details can be added with a Sharpie. Bind the calendar at the top with two binder rings. Add ribbon and yarn if desired.

Handprint patterns are also included.

Alternate pages included for:

  • March (Shamrock/ Leprechaun)
  • November (Canada/US)
  • December (Snowman/Santa)


Handprint Patterns

Handprint Patterns for Holiday Handprint Calendar

Below are little images of the pages included.

Handprint Calendar Page Templates

2024 Handprint Calendar

Download the 2024 Handprint Calendar Templates & Directions

Alexcia Perez

Monday 11th of March 2024

Hey, I LOVE this! Thanks for this free template, i was wondering when you or if even you will do a 2025 one??


Monday 18th of December 2023

I just want to say thank you. I have been using the handprints from this calendar for 12 years. Each year I print out the new month and tape it under her kindergarden handprint. It was harder to find your page this year under all the Etsy copies, but I found it. It means a lot to me that you update this every year. Thank you.


Friday 24th of November 2023

I usually don't comment on anything, I dont even have social media except for snap chat (because of daughter when she was way younger). I just wanted too say.. I absolutey love this calendar template and look foward to printing it each year. My daughter who is now 13 has been creating some of the most wonderful art on these for the last ..... years ( I would actually have to dig out the old ones to count). We started with the hand print out and have graduated to drawing. I just wanted to express my gradtitude. So often as women we do so much and it's just nice to hear THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday 30th of November 2023

That is lovely, thank you for sharing!


Wednesday 30th of August 2023

It's available!


Wednesday 30th of August 2023

it's updated!