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Homemade ABC Crackers

Today we tried making Homemade ABC Crackers. They are homemade animal/alphabet crackers from the recipe book Kinder Krunchies by Karen S. Jenkins.

Homemade ABC Crackers

My food program representative gave me the recipe but I just ordered the recipe book on Amazon!  I like how the recipes are simply illustrated for kids to follow.

Kinder-Krunchies: Healthy snack recipes for children

The animal cracker recipe is quick and easy. Okay, honestly, using small alphabet cookie cutters is tedious but the dough is very easy to work with, even when rolled out very thin. Baking 10-12 minutes was too long – 6 minutes was more like it.

Homemade ABC Crackers

The crackers are not sweet like store-bought animal crackers so I wondered how they would go over but the kids really liked them! Overall, a fun, healthy snack.


Thursday 5th of April 2012

Love these! Thanks for sharing :)