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PRESS HERE Book and Collages

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After reading about Teach Preschool’s fun with the Press Here book, I had to get the book. Finally, I got to it! The kids just loved it. Read about our PRESS HERE Book and Collages.

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PRESS HERE is an interactive book where the kids “push” the dot on one page and on the next page, more dots are added or they move, get larger or rearrange. I especially like the pages that ask you to tilt the book one direction or the other and you can guess what happens. The kids responded very well to the last section when they all clap and the dots get bigger. Great book, I’d recommend it!

The book just begs for more! So I came up with a simple coordinating activity of dot collages, was a hit. The kids were very excited to make their own “press here” pages. We used cardstock and each child created a page. Older children could actually make their own books if desired.

PRESS HERE Book and Collages

PRESS HERE Book and Collages

Find the needed supplies for PRESS HERE Book and Collages on Amazon:

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